The Conference

President Obama will host the White House Frontiers Conference, a national convening co-hosted with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to explore the future of innovation here and around the world. The convening will include topics inspired by the November issue of WIRED, which will be guest-edited by the President on the theme of "Frontiers." The conference will focus on building U.S. capacity in science, technology, and innovation, and the new technologies, challenges, and goals that will continue to shape the 21st century and beyond.

Frontiers Plenary

A Conversation on the Future of Medicine and Health Care Innovation

President Obama will join a conversation with Atul Gawande and innovators in medicine and health care to discuss future health breakthroughs, such as those being driven by the Administration’s BRAIN and Precision Medicine Initiatives.

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Exploring Advances Towards Five Frontiers

in Science and Technology

The White House Frontiers Conference will bring together some of the world's innovators in Pittsburgh to discuss how science and technology frontiers will help improve lives, including progress and investments that are keeping America and Americans on the cutting edge of innovation.

Frontiers Plenary

Frontiers Personal

This Administration’s efforts to drive innovation in health care—such as the Precision Medicine Initiative and the BRAIN Initiative.

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Frontiers Local

Communities are creatively connecting and using data, new technologies, and infrastructure to work together to improve quality of life for all citizens.

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Frontiers National

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and robotics can help address complex national problems and lead to greater prosperity.

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Frontiers Global

The work that is leading to tremendous strides in climate change mitigation and achieving a clean energy revolution—as well as in new advances in climate data, information, tools, and services.

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Frontiers Interplanetary

NASA and a thriving American space industry are developing new space technologies for our journey to Mars and to send humans “out into the solar system, not just to visit, but to stay,” as President Obama called for in his 2015 State of the Union Address.

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Astronomy Night

In continued celebration of exploration and new frontiers, the Allegheny Observatory at the University of Pittsburgh will also host the White House Frontiers Conference Astronomy Night to close out the conference. Featuring telescopes for stargazing, tours of the historic observatory, and expert astronomers, the event will bring together conference participants and students to celebrate science, innovation, and the spirit of discovery.

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